Jun. 13th, 2012

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Particularly in theoretical physics, physicists used to send paper preprints to their colleagues by mail for commentary. When it began, arXiv was just a way to do this electronically in a way that obviously required far less effort on the part of the authors.
In high energy physics, there are essentially two types of work. Either you are involved in a massive experimental collaboration involving dozens of authors or you are a theorist. In either case, there is little chance of being scooped. If you are an experimentalist, chances are that your experiment is the only one of its type in the world because the equipment costs millions if not billions of dollars.
Although this is my main theory, I think there are other effects going on as well. For example, in medicine, peer review is seen as much more of a gold standard of correctness than it is in physics. Many doctors that I have spoken to (and I have spoken to many because I have a chronic illness) feel that it is unethical to release results prior to peer review because members of the public may take the results out of context and start treating themselves in a dangerous way.

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